LSS is an independent healthcare provider, with staff who are fully qualified to treat all types of lymphoedema, chronic oedema and lipoedema occurring in adults and children. Upon referral, patients are fully assessed to determine the cause and type of oedema present.


Diagnosis is discussed and treatment organised with each patient in accordance with general wellbeing, clinical symptoms and lifestyle. Literature and personal care plans are provided to each patient to support explanation. Treatment is then delivered in-line with international recommended best practice guidelines. When necessary, liaison with other healthcare professionals is undertaken to confirm that intended treatment does not contraindicate other health ailments. Strong links with medical, physiotherapy and wound care teams also enables referral for other treatment needs that have been identified during the consultation.

All people receiving treatment from LSS have direct access to the lymphoedema team through telephone, text, email or letter. LSS has a policy to respond within 36 hours of receiving a message. LSS operates 6 days per week and when necessary, provides treatment on Sundays.

Staff at LSS strive to provide quality care of the highest standard. Regular attendance of credible lymphoedema courses and national conferences ensures staff are trained and updated to provide effective and safe treatment.

For every patient LSS aims to:

  • Improve / reduce the oedema
  • Reduce / remove the pain, ache and heaviness affecting the swollen part
  • Educate to enable self -management around individual lifestyle
  • Prevent infection (cellulitis)
  • Provide advice and support with psychological and practical issues
  • Improve mobility and function of the effective area

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Harbour Medical Practice
1, Pacific Drive,
Sovereign Harbour North
East Sussex, BN23 6DW


+44(0) 7786 725363

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