Together, the LSS team are qualified to treat adults and children with all types of lymphoedema, chronic oedema and lipoedema. Treatments are provided with the consent of the patient, and in accordance with clinical symptoms, general wellbeing and lifestyle. The aim is to reduce oedema and associated symptoms, provide psychological support, prevent infection (cellulitis) and teach the patient to self- manage. Treatments are provided as single appointments or programmes of care. If accessing LSS via the NHS, treatment is subject to contractual obligations with the Clinical Commissioning Groups.


The first appointment encompasses a full and holistic assessment to:
Identify the cause and type of oedema.

  • Determine the treatment needed in relation to the symptoms, patient’s wellbeing and lifestyle
  • Organise treatment in partnership with the patient, and with clear, realistic goals
  • Explain and answer questions to enable understanding
  • Provide written information to support self-management and prevent infection (cellulitis)

 Treatments & Aims

  • Compression Hosiery
  • Skin & Wound Care
  • Mult-Layer bandaging
  • Medical lymphatic drainage (massage)
  • Remedial Excersise
  • Medical Taping
  • Laser Therapy
The wearing of a compression garment aims to reduce and contain the oedema and improve the usage of the swollen area. The style and strength of a garment needed is dependent on the cause, site and extent of the swelling, and patient choice.
Broken and/or dry skin is healed by applying dressings and moisturisers. Improving the condition of the skin also reduces the likelihood of infection (cellulitis).
The application of bandages reduces moderate /severe oedema and improves the shape of the affected limb. A programme of treatment is required, that includes the fitting of a compression garment at the final appointment.
A specialised and gentle massage technique that stimulates lymphatic vessels to drain oedema away from any swollen part of the body.
Exercise such as walking, swimming and cycling are discussed with each patient to increase the use of muscles and aid the drainage of fluid from the swollen area.
The application of tape to the skin to aid drainage of lymph fluid from swollen tissue to uncongested areas.
Low level laser therapy may be used to soften hardened (fibrous) tissue occurring with the long standing oedema.


Jane Board, MSc, RN, Lymphoedema Clinical Nurse Specialist is an experienced educator and is able to provide education for patients and healthcare professionals in East and West Sussex, and elsewhere in the UK. Types of education range from patient support group sessions to teaching programmes for health care professionals working in healthcare organisations and studying at universities. Sessions of education can be personalised to suit individual or an organisation's requirements. Please contact LSS for further information.

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