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About LSS


Between 2011-2019, Jane and Julia have treated over 1,800 patients across East Sussex as part of an NHS collaborative contract with the NHS. Patients with all forms of lymphoedema were treated, including people in the end stages of life.  Treatment was undertaken in patients’ homes, hospices and 3 outpatient clinics.  During the 8 years, LSS achieved a 100% waiting response time in seeing all patients for assessment within the timescale requested by the NHS Commissioners of our service.

Future direction:

In March 2019, LSS relinquished its NHS contract to focus on the prevention and early detection of lymphoedema, including other clinical and expert services.  This work involves patient screening for the early detection of lymphoedema and teaching healthcare professionals.  

What LSS provides:

LSS staff are highly experienced in the provision of comprehensive treatment for all types of lymphoedema and all stages of lipoedema.  LSS also provides education, consultancy and medico-legal work.

How LSS delivers:

LSS provides treatment from Harbour Medical Centre in Eastbourne on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We undertake visits to nursing homes and patients` homes subject to a travel fee.  LSS also travels to locations across the UK for consultancy and educational work.