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Expert Services


Jane Board, MSc, RN undertakes medico-legal work as an expert witness. She is a member of The Expert Witness Institute and with dedicated insurance to support her work. Jane has undertaken multiple civil cases involving:

  • Negligence or a Breach of Statutory Duty
  • Causation
  • Injury, Loss or Damage
  • Condition, Complications and Prognosis

Please contact Jane for further details.


Jane Board has developed and established 8 lymphoedema services across the south east of England.   Based on this experience, we are able to offer a consultancy service for all organisations and stakeholders involved in lymphoedema provision.  Organised and delivered to meet individual needs, consultancy can be offered throughout the UK and include:

  • Advice for stakeholders seeking guidance with the commissioning of lymphoedema services
  • Guidance for obtaining a Care Quality Commission (CQC) licence, including the Key lines ofEnquiry
  • Teaching of healthcare professionals
  • Treating patients with complex clinical needs

Please contact for further details and costs.

Teaching & Education

As an experienced educator, Jane Board has a long history of teaching atevents and for many organisations e.g. national conferences, universities, private nursing homes, hospices and NHS community services.

LSS can therefore provide individual and group teaching sessions for a diversity of audiences and organisations. The company are willing to travel to meet the requirement.

LSS can also provide individual and group teaching sessions for adults with lymphoedema and those at risk of developing the condition.   This can be arranged through individual appointments or through support groups such as the 1066 Pink Ladies and Sara Lee Trust.


From Patients:
Very helpful and reassuring talk. Wonderful support and answers to many worries.
Learnt a lot today, thank you.Very clearly explained, good informative session. Look forward to the next one.
Brilliant, really important and useful information. Thank you very much.
Useful and interesting.
Thank you.

From Healthcare Professionals:
This increased my knowledge around lymphoedema.
It will help me give the right care to patients who have an oedema.
Helpful with the pathophysiology. It has helped me to answer questions about what has caused the oedema.


Jane and Julia havepublished the following articles:

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Board, J & Anderson, J (2014). The comprehensive treatment of a grossly oedematous foot and the impactof outcomes for the patient. (Posterentry). International LymphoedemaConference, Glasgow 2014  ( ..\STAFF EDUCATION\Conference_Poster2.pptx )

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The Parliamentary Review (2019) Lymphoedema Specialist Services in Highlighting Best Practice, TheParliamentary Review. Page 36 – 28.Westminster Publications

Jane has been an advisor and contributor with the following national health policy and consensusdocuments:

NICE clinical guideline 81: Advanced breast cancer (update), July2014

The National Lymphoedema Tariff, 2019. The British Lymphology Society

Click here to download

Commissioning Guidance for Lymphoedema Services for Adults in the United Kingdom 2019.National Lymphoedema Partnership (Page 33)

Click here to download